Fine Arts Marathon


We, the Strokes club, are the Arts society of BML Munjal University. We believe that “Creativity is intelligence having fun”. Why not tingle some brains and get into the mood of the event which would justify this purpose? This is FAM. the first-ever fine arts event conducted during the 67th Milestone. Fine Arts Marathon, as the name suggests, is something where timing is imperative and participants compete based on their creativity and skillsets. The mood of the event is fast-paced where participants have to go through four 15 minute-30 minute rounds of extensive topics which would be declared on the spot. The qualifiers for every round are promoted to the next round. The judging would be done on the basis of the individual’s way of perceiving the given topic and the way he/she puts it forth on any given medium. Win a chance to gain prizes and many more exciting goodies from our sponsors. Individual participants or teams of 2/3 are

Contact: Vilekha Ghanta – +91 9542481856